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Compañía Nacional de Danza . México 

Gala de Ballet 

MonoLisa / Romeo & Juliet / Don Quixote / White Swan / Le Corsaire

Fotografía Carlos Quezada

oh. my. god.

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Do not


count on me.

Nothing about me is solid.  I never promised I would stay.

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Numbers, Symbols and Colors


Yesterday, I shared a list of links to help you guys pick a name that is meaningful to your character. Today, I’d like to share another set of links (as always) that focuses on meanings, mainly the meanings behind numbers, symbols and colors.

Why? Why am I so keen on…

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Even more writing resources - masterpost


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omg.  these masterposts are godly

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Illustrations by Brigitte May website l shop l fb

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I’m sorry I stole you.
You seemed so alone, so used, too clean,
sitting in his plastic drawer by the bathroom door,
peeking out behind toothbrush and razor and soap.
He never took care of you, did he? Just threw you
to the end of the drawer after you pulled out a splinter
or plucked a stray whisker. He was always a detailist,
a realist blinded by seeing himself, and when even the shortest
hair laid strange, out you came.
The entire drawer made organization a science,
and I could always be sure that I’d fuck it up.
“Could you put away the nail file?
Never mind, you’ll do it wrong.”
Each bottle of cologne and shampoo and hair gel,
label out, in order of value, as if someone else would care.
Not you.
You just got tossed in the drawer on top of everything else,
and when you were needed next week it’d be your fault
that the map of his toiletry drawer didn’t sit right.
“Goddamned things, they always fall to the bottom. Fuck.”
I’m sorry I stole you.
I just guess I could relate
to always being there, always helpful, always hoping,
always discarded with a mutter and a slam.
I like how you look in the cup in my cabinet
in my new place, fully lit, fully sparkling stainless steel.
Standing at attention, ready for duty, you look like a
wishbone, and every time I pull you from your pretty spot,
I make the same wish.
I hope he never finds us.
I hope he still looks.
Dear New Tweezers, by Yours, Darcy

wow- this is a really original and refreshing take on an over-treaded topic

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Artist Name: Tato (usernames used: oriluka and po-tato)


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